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    Re Training Books

    Gday I live in a little country town in aus and do not have any way of getting a personal trainer I train myself doing 50ks a day six days a week This takes me anywhere between 1hr 45min to 2hr 10 depending on weather and if i go the hilly way or flat I have been doing this for 18mths and have gone from 137kilos to 97 kilos anyway I can not get anywhere near the speeds some of you talk about . So i was just wondering if there are any good books on training i can get that can help me pick up my speed .

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    Cyclist Training Bible by Joe Freil

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    There are lots of good books available.... here are a few you might consider:

    Complete Book of Long Distance Cycling by Ed Pavelka and Ed Burke

    Complete Book of Road Bike Training by Fred Matheny

    Cyclist's Training Bible by Joel Friel

    You can always do a search on

    Here's a link to a site that has several of these available:

    Here are some web pages that have lots of good information regarding training:

    Good luck with your training!!

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