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    Book recommendation

    Any recommendations of nutrition books related to cycling or similar exercise?

    I would like to learn a few things out of the book:

    1) Learn what to look for in terms of types of ingredients and volume of sugars, vs. fibres, vs. fats etc so I can read a label and avoid things that may not be useful for what's needed for cycling

    2) Understand what I need in terms of "fuel" (carbs, water, protein, electrolytes, etc.) for a given ride and how to determine this formula

    3) List out types of common food that meet certain needs (complex carbs, balanced between carbs vs. protein vs. other) -- real food and bars/gels/sports drinks

    4) Not as important, but easy recipes on making my own health snacks to bring with me on rides


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    This one's good:

    I have an earlier edition. Allen Lim's new cookbook ( has some excellent recipes.

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