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Thread: timex gps hrm

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    timex gps hrm

    Any opinions or reviews on the timex hrm with the 3rd generation gps? I run and bike so in theory this would be great for me logging miles and keeping track of hr. Just wondering if anyone out there has used one. THanks!

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    I was all for Timex, BUT I got the gps unit.

    They are CRAP.

    Often, they lose the signal, so when you upload it, you get like 3 or 4 different graphs. Customer service response= we don't know what the problem is.

    If others have the Timex gps and are close to you, then it will pick up their reading. In order for you to ensure that no one picks up your readings, you have to get at least 6 feet away from someone before activating yours.

    Sometimes, the gps unit just shuts off and will not turn on at all. You will just get a red light (indicating it's off). Sometimes, it just gives a red blinking light. They have no solution for this.

    Whatever timex said about the unit being able to pick up a signal anywhere in the world, they LIED. I tested the unit with a trip I went on. It did not work in Italy and it did not work in Sweden or Switzerland. It was useless crap.

    DO NOT GET IT. There are better units out there. It's a waste of time.

    Until Timex fixes these problems to my satisfaction, I will never endorse this. I am bitter about my experiences with this also because I invested in about 15 units and heart rate monitors to use for training clients. By day 3, it was obvious I would not be able to use them. I am out quite a bit of money.

    Save your money and invest in a good polar unit, and just get the Garmain gps thing that you can get from REI or


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