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    Lemond Revolution noise reduction?

    I am pretty close to buying one of these. I currently have a cyclops wind trainer from about 2000 (tire shredder). It is loud and I have dealt with the noise up until now. I use my trainer a ton in the winter. I am unable to ride super early or late due to the fact that I share a wall and have a wife. I emailed lemond and they said there is no plan to change the design at this point. They have experimented with "ducting air out a window" or "using a hvac filter" and those experiments have lowered the noise. I have also read threads that claim taking off the fan cover reduces noise however lemond doesn't recommend due to the danger of getting body parts caught and or a dogs nose. My trainer is isolated so that would probably work. My cycleops fan doesn't have a cover. There was a video on youtube that I didn't get to see that had the cover removed. I think lemond had them take it down. Anyway, does anyone have any advice on reducing noise a bit? I am thinking the feel would trump the noise but it would be nice to get an early or late session in sometimes. Thanks

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    I think you'd be better off with a quieter fluid trainer that you could ride any time. You'll get used to the feel.

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