A while back I posted a thread about what I thought was my IT band acting up and was looking for help. I don't know if this is the case anymore. I originally suspected the IT band as the post ride pain I was getting was located at the outside of my knees.

After different trial and error tryings, I found I can relieve this pain by strecthing my calves in a certain way. I used to (and still do) stretch my calf with one foot forward and the other behind and lean forward stretching the calf of the foot behind. I found that leaving the stretched calf forward and toes raised on a 2x4 and then lean slightly forward relieves the pain on the outside of my knee. This has reduced about 90% of the pain.

Now, I was to believe that IT band troubles came from the hip area. Seeing how it appears to be coming from the calf area, could this be something different, and what could it be? Thanks.