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    Is this possible?

    I have been experiencing some moderate to severe itching lately and I was wondering if it could be due to my riding. Let me explain a little more to give a little more history.

    A few months back I was diagnosed with a bad case of hives. I was prescribed Hydroxyzine and Tagemet to deal with the hives. I was to take them together for a month and that was supposed to stop them. In previous months I was taking the Hydroxyzine every 3 days as the hives would come back but the doc told me to take a full months worth and they should be gone.

    I did that and finished up last Friday. Now I have some other itching on my hands and feet at night, it actually woke me up last night. I have been riding harder lately because of the nice weather and the desire to "push myself harder". I commute 22 miles RT 4-5 times a week and have been doing so for the last few months.

    I am wondering if the "tissue damage" from riding harder is causing a histamine response and causing me to itch. I have an appointment with the doc on Saturday where I intend to ask him as well but thought I should put this in the training section to see if anyone has ever heard of such a thing.
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    Well, it's definitely possible. I'm no doctor, but there's a few ways I can see riding affecting it:
    * The handlebar material or texture may be causing an allergic reaction / aggravating your hands
    * Callouses developing on your hands may be somehow affecting it
    * Sweating/lack of airflow from holding the bars would also possibly contribute to skin problems
    * The weight/position of your hands is causing strain that affects your hands

    Do you use / have you tried gloves? Personally I don't use them since I never go for super long rides, but sounds like it may be worth a try if you go for a quality model?

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