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    Upgrading questions

    G'day all

    I've been cycling 30 km a day on my road bike- a Merida 904 for the last few years. It's a standard 7005 Al, Shimano 105 machine. I've recently moved house and have had to nearly double the km I'm riding each day. I'm looking for an excuse to upgrade and this is as good as any! I'd like to get some thoughts from you lot, what you've found to be better when you've gone up to Ti, carbon, or Mg alloy frames or what maybe didn't live up to your expectations.

    I've been developing a fetish for really light bikes, since I can't lose any weight myself (I'd slip through the drain in the shower!) and am thinking this is where I can increase my performance. Should I focus more on the components, eg would it be better to say go for a dura-ace setup and sacrifice a little on the frame quality? I've been using Shimano 535 wheels for, and found them to be unbreakable -survivng potholes, railway tracks and speed bumps. How would the wheels on the lighter end of the spectrum compare- ie how careful would I have to be with them?

    To sum up, what I'm after is a bike I can use primarily to go hard on for 25km each morning and evening and the odd weekend 100km ride.

    I realise these sorts of questions have probably been asked before, if anyone could direct me to previous posts or perhaps a website that has good info summarised it would be much appreciated. Or if you could take the time to pen your thoughts that would be great too.



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    buy just the frame. Swap the parts onto the new frame, sell the old one. I would buy a bike that would last me the rest of my days riding. That means steel or ti to me. I prefer Ti by a small margin.
    A basic Ti frame has such a sweet ride. As the parts wear out, you can replace them with better ones; but the frame is where it all starts.

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