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    Ten thirty minute workouts per week?

    OK training gurus, here's the goal:
    Race next year, CAT 5.
    Training time available: Daily commutes, Mon-Fri, a half hour each way. I can extend a few of these as needed, but life is busy. Weekends are out for the most part.
    Roads available in the half hour window: every kind, flats to false flats to a road with four good hills in a row on it.
    Training by heart rate and cadence.
    Road bike and a single speed that can flip to a fixie to work with.

    What's my plan?!

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    I believe you need more contiguous training time.
    Take a peek at the time crunched cyclist book. However, I think the low end is about 6 hours a week in 1 hr or more sized chunks.

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