So I have raced every weekend this fall since September 6. I am still coming 'up' in my fitness and power. I have been noticing however, that I race better on the 2nd day of double header weekends (have had 3 or 4 so far). One weekend has been different venue Sat/Sun, the others are same venue, reversed with changes, so lap times are hard to compare.

I find that my avg HR is as much as 5bpm less, and my legs feel GREAT. Normally, I take Saturday off, or do an easy spin the day before a single race weekend. On double header weekends, I am almost always off on Friday from riding (work, packing, travel etc).

Does anyone else find this? I am nervous to really go out and blow up my legs the day before a race, but am curious why i feel so different on day 2. I just feel smoother. Maybe it is my legs self-limiting me. I am a top of the pack B racer, so obviously don't carry the fitness of an elite racer. I am coming into the first off weekend from racing, so will have 2 weeks to get some good fitness in, and plan to do some longer rides, since my normal week is made up of 2 easy 30 mile rides during the week, and a skills session (all focused around recovery).

I have enjoyed really focusing on CX this year, and I feel like I get stronger when some of the roadies may be falling off of their summer fitness. Unintentionally, I had 10 days off after my first full road season, and I think it was great for my CX season, even if it did take about 2 weeks to really get my legs back.