I've been looking for a calorie counter for my PDA for a little while and finally purchased the "Diet & Exercise Assistant."

In a word, it's very good if not great. It loads easily, runs on older versions of the PalmOS, and is extremely easy to use. Four simple steps to set up ...

Step 1. Enter your personal information (including height, age, gender,name)
Step 2. Set your weight goals (enter starting weight and the end goal along with the date by which you want to attain that goal). The software then calculates how many fewer calories you need to eat per day to reach that goal. Also provided are graphs of your current and target weights relative to defined ranges (under, normal, overweight, obese).
Step 3. Select your diet plan. You can choose diet goals with regard to intake of total calories, carbs, or fats. Alternatively, you can create a custom plan.
Step 4. This is where the software shines!! The daily log book will keep track of your total caloric expenditure and consumption using your preset information and information that you provide for each day. Enter exercise routines ... enter breakfast, lunch, and dinner from preset databases (it even includes common restaurant foods). Enter your weight for that day. Change you basal metabolic rate to reflect a more active day. You can then chart your progress. Many, many options ... and easy to use.

Big thumbs up for a measely $20.


<disclaimer ... I have no personal stake in this software ... I'm simply a satisfied customer>