Ok, I've had my new trainer now for a couple months and really starting to like this thing. I have my old steel bike hooked up to it, and find it is much more difficult than riding outside on my new bike.

As some of you know, I am 34yo, 6'2", 175#, with a RHR of about 55bpm. I do 4mph brisk walk everyday with my dogs as a minimum for my daily excersise.

Anyway, I am concerned about whether I am overstressing myself on the trainer, or not. I was for a couple months, doing 1hr workouts on my trainer at 15-16mph and 210 watts at 3% grade.

But, now I have stepped up to 16-17mph and 230-270 watts at 3.2-3.3% grade. After 2hrs, the computer says I climb about 5000+ft. What I do is go for 25 mins, then downshift 1 gear for 5 mins to back off a bit, then back up for another 25mins. I find my HR gets up around 170-180 bpm for the duration, and my workouts are now 1-2hrs everyday, or every other day. If I only do 1hr, then I go everyday. If I go 2 hours, I tend to skip a day. After 2hrs, the legs start getting pretty rubbery.

I find with the same physical effort on the road, I am exceeding 20mph on the flats. But, only for a couple hours at a time. Then, I start to get a little spent.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this type of workout? Should I be doing something differant? I just don't want to kill myself, but at the same time, I want to get better for some long rides this summer.