I tried the stickied 2x20 test today just for fun. the number i got is 175, which i think is probably very close to as hard as i could have gone. it was the first time i've done the test, so maybe i held back a very little, but not much. i think my max hr is around 196(maybe higher, i forget), so 175 is about 90% i think. but man what a pig that test is. i felt more or less ok during it (tired and out of breath, but not like i was going to puke too often), but the hour or 2 after it sucked. my stomach was upset, my head was in the clouds, etc. very very exhausted. i'm better now after resting drinking and eating a huge dinner, but wow was that tiring. so now that i have a number for my AT, i guess i should compute hr zones based off of the threshold and use those for training? i obviously would like to increase my AT, which i guess means doing longish intervals right at/below it, right? i don't want to test again for at least a month or 2, but it would be cool to raise it a few beats. anyone have any other tips or cool things i can do now that i know just how hard i can push my heart for 2 20 minute intervals while riding a stationary bicycle in gym?

oh yeah, does anyone else have problems w/ their hr monitors getting confused near mirrors? there's about 1 bike in the gym i can use b/c the others are too close to the mirrors and my hr monitor reads 00 when i sit on them. is this common?

thanks a bunch. dan