I did road racing for a few years, I stopped about 3/4 years ago. I started back cycling this year and put in a base for road riding/racing. I did 2 road races but had done a lot of my off-season training on an MTB, so decided to do some MTB racing, anyway, I love the MTB racing and have been racing mainly that side of things with a few tt's and road races thrown in. I have a coach, and he has experience with MTB and road, I don't know how much experience at coaching though :/

I am concerned that he has me doing a lot of Zone 2 training at the minute. I race mtb every two weeks and long group rides the alternating weeks. I do pretty much the same interval sessions as I did when I was road riding.

BUt if anyone has experience in structure training, would you give your view on the amount of Zone 2 I am doing. Generally 2 hrs once a week and one hour thrown in with my intervals. The races are generally 45-50 minutes long and will probably be an hour to 1 hr 20 next year.