I'm no racer, just ride (fairly) fast for the fun of it, so I'm not interested in breaking down training zones to 10W/3BPM increments. I've been doing the CTS 8 min tests -- last one was 335W/167 BPM -- and just did a 20 min FTP test (FTP 290W, averaged 161 BPM). Want to simplify it to 3 zones (recovery, aerobic, and anaerobic/threshold/intervals, or whatever it should be called). I've been reading about the "black hole" or "no man's land" zone which is supposed to be avoided. (Best I can tell, this is about what most would call "tempo" or "steady state".) I'm thinking, based on the tests, it would be something like: Z1 <160W, <115BPM; Z2 160-250W, 115-140BPM; Z3 300W+, 150BPM+. Would that sound about right?