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    What training routine can I make with this hill?

    I have a pretty tough hill in my city. Christian Hill, an 800m long, 250ft tall climb that shoots up from 0% to 19.3% for the first 1/3rd of the hill, the majority of the rest of the hill falls between to 8%-18.3% (8% at intersections and then sharp long inclines inbetween until clearing the hill).

    I've been working on clearing this hill for a while now, because hills are my weakest area. When I started I could barely manage to sprint past the first 1/3rd before walking my bike up embarassingly. I can now make 3 full runs with 5 minute rests between climbs... I want to be able to climb with a more structured plan though. Any ideas on how to make the most out of my climb? It takes me little over 3 minutes to make the climb.
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    Yes, you bet. 3-minute intervals are a staple. Basically, you just do hill repeats. Climb hard, coast down, do it again. There are a couple of popular regimens:
    5 or 6 repeats, then quit.
    3 sets of 3 repeats with 5 minutes of easy spinning between sets.

    Notice your time for each climb. If your times are getting longer, stop the workout and ride home at a moderate pace. If I were doing the long set, usually my 3rd climb would be faster than the first 2. If you do the 3 sets, pace yourself and do each set a little faster.

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