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    Health and Nutrition websites

    "NutritionData (ND) provides nutrition facts, Calorie counts, and nutrient data for all foods and recipes."
    It's got links to the nutritional information from a bunch of fast food places, as well as a database of nutritional information for a lot of individual foods. It also has a number of interesting articles on nutrition and related topics.

    This one has a whole bunch of different health calculators including:
    - Blood Alcohol
    - Body Fat
    - Body Mass
    - Calories Burned
    - Daily Energy
    - Frame Size
    - Ideal Weight
    - Lean Body Mass
    - Lose One Pound
    - Ovulation
    - Pregnancy Due Date
    - Smoking Costs
    - Target Heart Rate
    - Waist to Hip Ratio

    Have you got any health and nutrition sites bookmarked, or ones you refer to frequently?

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    I've seen the It's not so bad.


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    Yes, koffee, at (and similar sites) you can log in everything you eat for a week or two. Their software will add and average all your nutrients per day, so you get a good idea where your actual diet is weak and strong. For example, I discovered that I wasn't getting quite enough calcium and magnesium in my diet, so I added 8 oz. of lowfat milk and one serving of leafy greens a day. It's a hassle (maybe 30 minutes/day, less when you get the hang of it) but quite useful. You can also figure out how many calories you are burning through exercize each day.

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