I have noticed an interesting thing this spring. Although I was pretty much off the bike for four months, I have kept up my endurance now that I am back to doing 30 mile round trip commutes a few times a week.

Last fall it took me months to work up to making it up this rather large hill without having to stop to take a breather, but the first time I tried it this spring, I was able to zip right up it without stopping. At first I thought maybe it was because I wasn't used to it, freak accident that I made it up, whatever. I was expecting to pay for it an d not be able to do it again the next day, but not only did I make it up without stopping, it was pretty easy.

Also, my times for that route are right where they were last fall and early winter as well. Strange...

During those four months I went on occasional short trips. As in maybe 3 miles 2-3 times a week, but that was it. Certainly not enough to keep up my fitness level. I also gained 15 pounds over that time period.

Any thoughts on how endurance is kept/lost? Seems a little strange to me. 0 (Not that I am complaining mind you!)