My wife has wanted a treadmill for some time. A friend I have ridden with a few times was giving away a rather nice one which I picked up this afternoon. While making the pickup I was also able to contact a young woman who was selling a Cycle Ops trainer. The trainer was in good condition and we were able to negotiate a fair price so I came home with that as well.

My wife wanted the treadmill to replace an unused desk in the corner of the living room, which I was happy to accommodate. There just happens to be a bicycle size area in the opposite corner that houses a couple of extra end tables Maybe my road bike will get to spend winter in a nice warm, secure, house instead of hanging in the garage.

Now a question: Is there any reason to use a trainer specific tire instead of a clunky 28mm hybrid tire that I have hanging in the garage? The 28mm clears the frame and brakes without much to spare, but it's not like I have to worry about mud clearance on the trainer.