Just got back from XC skiing with a twisted ankle. The trails were hard and fast. After about a 1000 yards of twisting and winding black diamond trail, I came upon a nice bend at the bottom. The trail was so fast that I could not cut to turn and lost control, only to twist my ankle and slice through my shell, base layer, and left leg with the metal edge of my right ski.

The first thing I thought was: how the hell am I going to ride in the morning? Then I felt the blood trickling out as the wind blew over my left leg.

I was able to ski in to the lodge. And, luckily, I didn't need stitches. But now the ankle has a weak feeling to it. When I point my toes down it strains the back tendon; when I turn it to the left or right, it hurts. The accident only happened four hours ago. Best advice or experiences, please.

Thanks for the tips to come,