I'm going to guess that most of you just say to follow what my doc says...but I'm seeing conflicting thoughts on this.

I was gaining some ground with my triathlon training until my appendix decided to beef with me landing me into surgery on 11-3. Landed up having Laparoscopic surgery with 3 incisions.

Now...here comes the part where I'm confused.

According to my Dr...they wanted me off the cycling trainer for two weeks, not to run for a month and out of the pool for a whopping 2 months. (as well as being on a 10lb weight limit for 2 months)

Doing some reading...time and time again I see where Dr's actually recommend starting the swimming first, rather than last. It says that once the incisions are healed on the outside, the low impact exercise is the best choice.

Honestly...I'm still pretty stinking tender in the gut...I'm not so sure I want to start running anytime soon. I had 3 holes popped in my muscle, I really do not want to risk hurting that.

Have any of you member here gone through this? What plan of action did you guys take?