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    Trying to buy a new bike for first full Ironman

    Hi everybody,

    I posted a few questions a few months back regarding a bike I was looking at buying and got some great advice so i am hoping that maybe someone can help me out here as well.

    Its time to upgrade on a new tri bike and I am only looking to spend between $1000-$2000 on a bike and have been scouring the local area for a good quality used bike. Pickings have been slim but I have found a 2011 full Carbon Orbea Ordu tri bike my size for $1500 (Canadian, so that would be around US $1120).

    I went and checked it out and took along a huge check list of things to look for when looking at buying a used tri bike and it looks almost brand new without a scuff scratch or anything. it is in immaculate condition and it was basically the ladies spare bike that she never used as she has a much more expensive one. She wasn't even looking to sell it but a friend of a friend told her I was looking and here we are. The bike is in perfect condition but she did say she is taking the seat and the pedals with it.

    All of the reviews I have read on that bike seem to be pretty positive and it looks about perfect for me for size and specs and whatnot.

    So one of my biggest questions is, is the asking price reasonable? I googled the bike and I found a base list price new in 2011 for around $3000 US but that was the only thing I could find on the price. I scoured numerous sites to see if I could find a similar bike for sale but have found nothing.

    Does anyone know if that is a decent price?

    I have done half ironman before but never a full one and this bike has rave reviews for it so if there is anything that else I should know, please feel free to let me know!!!

    thanks again for reading this and have a great day!

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    It seems like that bike came in more than one configuration, and the prices varied pretty widely.

    If you're getting the base model: Editors' Choice | Bicycling
    I think you could do better.

    On the other hand, if it's the higher end version with Reynolds carbon wheels and the SRAM red group: Review: Orbea Ordu Triathlon / Time Trial Bike
    Snag it, assuming the original owner hasn't removed the nicer components.

    All of this is based on the assumption you find the bike comfortable and it fits you.

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