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    knees bothering me

    i have been cross training - cycling and running for about 12 months- 6 months ago i went to an orthopod for knee pain he told me take a break on running and ride more...i'm starting to do longer distances riding now and i'm getting knee pain in the front and towards the outside-kinda feels just like runners knee (the problem i had back in december). anybody else run into this? i was told to get supportive insoles for all my excerisce shoes and did-helps with running but not so much with the biking...i have been tweeking the saddle and cleats to try and get them comfortable...any fixes tend to last for a couple of days then the dull aching comes back.

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    Sure sounds like ITB syndrome! (type it into Google, and you'll find an endless list of hits). It's considered a running injury, but is becoming more and more common among cyclists (typically caused by improper bike fit).

    I had the exact same issue come up appx 5 weeks before the tri I completed this past Sat. I ended up NOT running for 3 weeks, but kept biking. Tried to run again, pain was still there! Then I gave up running and biking for the final 2 weeks prior to the tri, and did ITB specific stretches, Ibuprofren, with daily icing. Knee still had some issues, but it was relatively pain-free for the race. If you have a while before your event, make sure and take care of it NOW, so you can enter the race in good shape!

    A couple chiropractor visits, with some massage really helped me right before the race (to loosen up the pelvic area, which can be the cause of ITB in the first place).

    Good luck!

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