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Thread: beginner?

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    im a 21 yr. old male...6'0...a little over 200 lbs...i am becoming very intrested in triathlons ever since I started cycling. what sites are there online for beginners? any suggestions or tips on what I should start doing "training" wise, would greatly be appreciated.

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    Welcome to a great sport. You are about to become addicted!

    Start here:

    If you're looking for a book, consider:

    General tips:
    Start with a Sprint to get your feet wet. There should be a few to pick from this time of year.

    Don't be afraid of the matter what kind of swimmer you are. It's over quickly and it's not nearly as tough as the hydro-phobes think

    Start doing bike to run bricks as soon as you can.

    Find a local tri store or tri club and see if you can find a training doesn't need to be every workout...just once a week or so. Better yet, pick an event you want to do and tell one of your friends, "I'm doing a triathlon on September 10th, you should do it with me."

    Good Luck and Have Fun!
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