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    Buying wetsuit without wearing first...need advice.

    I've never worn a wetsuit. I swim well without one: approx 1:15/100 yards in a pool. BUT, I'm going to buy one online anyway because I can't stand thinking my main rivals are going to wear one and have that advantage. Our water will be 76 degrees, so warmth isn't the issue. I'm going to get a sleeveless wetsuit...thinking of an Orca. Where do wetsuits chaffe/rub? When I swim, the top of my deltoid frequently scrapes against my jawline--do I need to get a wetsuit with a thin strap that goes over the shoulder or should the "sleeve" cover the top of my deltoid (shoulder)? Having asked about the pro's and con's of wetsuit in several ways, I'm convinced I'll at least swim my normal speed if not better. My only fear is that I could gain a 30 second improvent (over 2100 meters) at the expense of painfully chaffed spots and heat exhaustion for the 4 hours of the race after the swim. My race is in 2 weeks, and there's no place in these parts to rent a wetsuit.



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    Bodyglide around your neck, tricep and armpit. If you delt is hitting your jaw, it sounds like a technique issue. Maybe you are breathing to late.

    I bought mine online. I took some current measurements and talked with a rep on the phone to make sure I got the correct size. fit like a glove. I got mine at

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    76 is pretty warm for a wetsuit...I would be afraid of cooking inside of it. If you're that good of a swimmer, maybe you don't need the buoyancy advantages that they give you.

    I wear a sleeveless, and the only place I've ever chaffed is under my arms. A little body glide took care of that. I also apply it to my neck...just in case.
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