Well I have been thinking about this for a long time now. But I think I'm going to take the plunge and get into this world of tri's and maybe some du's.

Some background:
I ran long distances for 3 years till I suffed a martial arts injury that stoped me from running. I have gone to see several knee specialists and each has insuranced that if I use a knee brace I should be ok to resume long distance running.

I have cycled for 3 years as well, I've done things from double centurys to time trials (just recently did those) as well as regular road races.

Swimming is the portion I need work on, I missed sign ups for my schools swim teamand got a job so I can't go to practices anyway. But I am thinking that joining a gym would be just as good. There are a couple in the area that offer personal trainners and a lap pool (and one even has an indoor track )

Right now I have some weight I really need to lose...I'm chalking that up tosummer time job that didn't allow me to eat right or work out right.

I currently have a specialized transition multisport, its basicly a road bike with aero bars on it. And I plan to after I see if I really like tris getting a dedicated triathlon/TT bike something like a Specialized Tranisiton Elite or maybe a felt or trek, prehaps even a giant have a while to decide)

I have started running again, getting my times back down, in my prime I was able to sprint the 800m in like 1'48" or so. Never really timed the distance runs, just sought after place.

The swim has me worried, esp the longer distances. But from my understanding is the swim really cant cost your the race. I can more than make up for the time I lose on the bike

Does anyone have any extra advice or things I am missing?