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Thread: Xterra racing?

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    Xterra racing?

    Has anyone here done Xterra triathlons?

    I started running again back in July and started swimming regularly again just about 6 weeks ago and I'm having a lot of fun and am getting in much better shape than when I was just cycling.

    I haven't raced in anything since I was in school (about 10 years ago) the saw an Xterra championship on TV last summer then checked out their website, it says races are pretty much open to anyone who is interested, so I'm interested in training hard and trying out one of these half Xterra triathlons in 2006.

    I'm pretty clueless on how to train for a triathlon and how to enter and all that maybe someone here has some useful tips?
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    Training for XTERRA is very similar to any triathlon. The major difference is the bike. You need to be able
    to work on your technical skills on the mountain bike. Many of the races have fairly difficult courses so
    the better you are at tight trails, hopping over logs, rocks, crossing creeks, etc. the better and faster
    your bike will be. The swim is the swim. Meaning, practice in the pool or open water if you can. The
    run is a trail run so if you have a good wooded trail to practice on, hit that as much as possible. As far
    as training plans, distance, etc. There are tons of plans available on the web as triathlon training plans.
    The distances and frequency are the same, just change the place. Feel free to email me at if you want anything more detailed.

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