Have trained all winter and just got into high intensity HR traing interspersed with lower HR zones sessions..

I have just had shoulder surgery after an injury and out for at least 4 weeks - most likely 6 and this is + 2 weeks already before surgery.

How do I get back into training, working back to higher intensity ? I train with HR zones.. & was training 10 1/2 hours per week.

Guess I am looking for some advise on intensity and frequency when I start and how to build/pick it up & over what period..

needless to say I will not even start full trainging until given the go ahead by Physio & would imagine 1st week or 2 will need to be light breast stroke and maybe jogs - before I start Tri training again.. I would imagine I can get on the turbo trainer fairly soon also (3-4 weeks) with no risk of falling.

Thanks for advice -my original training program was designed for me, but I have no advice on how to get back to that level after 6-10 week layoff..