Can anyone fill me in on this? I just read an article on slowtwitch, but I'm still not sure I fully get it. It sounds like simply riding a road bike with the seat even FARTHER back, verses the agressive seat tube angle of a tri bike. Am I totally confused on this? If not on this, I'm still confused. I'm not sure what to do as far as a tri bike. I love my Trek 2300. I've done nothing to my position, just added some shorty bars. At least that saves my arms after the swim and before the bike.

At first I told myself, I MUST get a tri bike! I started scouring the web to see what could be had for 2k or less. Saw lots of great looking bikes that gave me the Iwannas.

THEN I had the thougth, why not just keep the bike I love, go with a new tri seat post, saddle, and longer bars, and be done with it. Work around not having bar-end shifting. Conflicting reports. Some say I won't be able to get low enough on road geometry. Others say those changes will help my times.

Now I run into this whole "slam" thing. I need the voice of experience here. How much difference does the bike setup make, and which of these is the best option, at least in your opinion?