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Thread: One down

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    One down

    I just finished my first duathlon sprint distance of 5K 22K 5K. The race was held at Maumee Bay in Ohio, organized by HFPracing.
    Let me start at the begining, about 3months ago my brothers Co worker Gary Boos father of the Late Alan Boos (who was one of the best triathletes in the nation), Anyway Gary got my brother into trying a TRI who in turned convenced me to give it a shot. I used to run 5K's years ago, but since then I have gotten way out of shape. I never trained or competed on a bike and only had about a month's worth of training on the bike before the race. My brother had no previous experiece with running or cycling but had an extra month or two of training leading into this race.
    The Mamuee race would be both my brother and I first Duathlon. We knew our final time would be close. We both set goals at 1hr 30min. The race started with out a hitch and at the end of the first run I had a 3min lead over my brother, he passed me back on the end of the bike portion. The last 5K we were both exhausted and were hoping just to finish. My final time was 1hr 29min and 54 seconds My brother came in 3 minutes later.
    I achieved my time goal and was very pleased with everything. The race was well organized and had nearly 600 atheletes in it. I'm already looking forward to the next race. I just need to go and train some more. I know my brother is gunning to beat me.
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