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    Motor City Olympic Race Report (short and long version)

    Distances were 1500Meters/23Miles/6.6Miles

    Short Story
    I did this race last year as my first so I wanted to see if I improved. The Run was 0.2 miles longer than last year but I still PR'd for the complete race by 3 1/2 minutes. Improved by 12 minutes in the swim but I think I paid for it on the run. I finished 87th of 165 overall and 6th of 11 in my age group. Overall time 2:43:59

    Longer Story
    The weather went down to 55 the night before so it was cool in the morning. Forecast was for 86 and Sunny. Water temp was 69, pretty calm water. The swim went pretty uneventful. Avoided the usual boxing matches, only really had trouble with people around the buoys. During the pre race meeting they pointed out where one buoy was 500M and another was 1300M so when I checked at 500 I was a little slower than 30 minute pace. At 1300 meter I was surprised to still be pretty close. I finished it in 31:31. Wow, but more pooped than last year.

    Transition was uneventful. Got on the bike and noticed right away more wind than last year but still not much compared to a spring ride. It was a four loop course. I was amazed when some of the leaders would pass with their disc wheel sound. I'm cruising along at 20-21MPH and they pass like I'm out for a Sunday stroll. They don't even look like they're working, but I know better.

    When I got out for the run my legs felt dead. Running is always my strength since I am a runner first and triathlete second. It was a two loop course. I tried just to move it along the first mile knowing that just after the first mile marker it goes into a shaded nature trail. This is where I found my legs last year and started to push it. About a 1/4 mile into the trail section I hit a high spot and "Down goes Frazier"! Sorry for the cheap Howard Cosell plug. But I didn't hurt myself except for my pride. From that point on I think I lost my edge mentally. I think I just psyched myself out at that point. It felt like I was crawling but I didn’t have the energy or desire to push harder. I actually stopped and walked through two water stops on the second loop which I never do. It was very similar to hitting the wall in a marathon except I wasn’t in any pain. Ran the last two miles and finished. As soon as I crossed the finish line my hamstring locked, but I was able to quickly walk it off. Slammed some drinks and ate some pizza. About a couple hours later I ate again and again later that night. The next day I was eating every couple hours I just couldn’t get enough to eat. I probably gained weight overall!

    Overall I consider it successful, you can’t discount a PR. I may have robbed Peter to pay Paul. After looking at the results and comparing with last year the competition was definitely greater just based on fact that I improved and lost 25 spots overall. I put my results for both races below.

    I had two key takeaways.
    2) No 1/2 Ironman this year

    2007 1500M 23M 6.6M
    87 77/126 40 M 97 31:31 2:07 3:00 92 1:10:55 19.5 1:20 71 57:15 8:49 2:43:59

    2006 1500M 23M 6.4M
    62 58/131 39 M 106 43:19 2:54 3:20 94 1:09:02 20.0 1:20 35 50:29 7:46 2:47:28

    Thanks to everyone in this forum for helping me with questions as I trained. I'm sure I will have more to come!!!

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