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    New Triathlete, New Bike, plz jump in

    I'm new to the sport and am soo psyched by the training involved !! Anyway Im looking to invest on a Trek Pilot 2.1 road bike (it's within my budget $1500 or so), any thoughts or feedback?

    A little bvackground, Im 5'7" 188 lbs. transitioning from bodybuilding to the sport. Ive come down from 205lbs to what I have now. I look to come down to 180-175(ideally). It just feels too heavy for me to carry and all the triathletes I look at are very lean.

    Im also new to this forum , turned on by my buddies @ but enjoy what I have been reading.

    So welcome me in and give me what you got!!!!

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    Welcome. I'm another body building convert. Don't worry about the weight thing, keep riding you'll have no choice but to lose weight

    That's a nice choice of bike, take a look at what Felt is offering too. I ride the Trek like that but made in 02.

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