Hello Triathlonisti ,

first who I am: my name is Ronny and I am from Saxonia/Germany.

My request is the following: I buy sometimes used TT parts in the USA, on the one hand for the own use in the local TT association and on the other hand, because much parts are here only badly used and/or new available. However the problem is mostly the postage, which I must pay several times (f.ex. for each part). Since you are probably also in such a way with European and/or German parts, I look for hereby einnen reliable wheel-inspired person, which collects the parts with itself and sends then in 1 package to Germany. Every parts are paid with paypal etc. You must only receive the parts at your door und make 1 package.

I would do that accordingly also for that with European parts. Of the principle sowas like pen pal shank Who has interest- please email me. Bike clubs are welcome too

Greeting from Germany

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