Having recently bought a Quintana Roo Trueno favouring chunky tri tubes over a slimline road frame I was gutted to notice a couple of 'dings' on both the top and bottom tubes (1mm deep, 5mm wide about 15cm from the downtube) as if it's been propped in a doorway with the door closing against it. I gather from most forums that top tube dents are quite common and despite irritating are nothing to worry about, but that dents on aluminium bottom tubes can quickly lead to frame failure. Can someone tell me if thicker triathlon frames are sort of an exception to the rule and whether I have anything to worry about or whether a dent is a dent regardless? Maybe I'm being paranoid but as I bought the bike for a steal on Ebay (with no paperwork or proof of warranty) I wonder if there's something the seller failed to point out. I've held a straight edge along the length of the tubes and they seem fine, the downtube and the joints are also ok. Lastly these forums refer to "ripples" often appearing as a result of a dent and point towards frame failure, not that I have noticed any but would I expect to see these surrounding the dent itself or along the whole tube?