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    Help me with my aero bottle holder rack

    I'm new to this whole road/tribike thing, and I recently purchased an aero water bottle rack for my new Cervelo 2008. I'll freely admit that getting every last second of aeroness is definitely NOT my intention - but my seatpost ended up being an older model which lacked the two custom drill-holes for a regular mount, and due to my pro bike fitting, the seat was cranked too far forward on the fat cervelo seatpost to put a simple velcro bag onto the rear rails. (No room for it.)

    That said, I set up the aero watter bottle holder as I thought it might look on a reasonable basis. I have no idea as to what a "good" setup would be. I am noticing that with the bottles aimed straight up at 90 degrees, it's probably less aero, and as well, makes it harder to do flying dismounts.

    Any pointers or tips on a "good" aero bottle position?

    (I'm using an X-lab SUPER WING; as mentioned above, the Cervelo-specific Xlab Sonic Wing wouldn't work on my seatpost.)


    PS - Yes I KNOW that my seatpost looks low relative to the other Cervelos you see posted. It fits correctly, was profitted with a goniometer, etc., and took 1.5 hrs. I just happen to be a very short limbed, stubby guy. 51cm. Actually, my setup looks similar to Chrissie Wellingtons, who seems to have the seat close to the height of her aerobars, but that's a different story...
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    Can you turn it upside down ? I have an xlab water bottle holder, and I have it angled like this. I can't really put a bike bag anywhere, so I use one of my water bottle holder to carrry my bike bag. I don't drink much so one bottle is fine for me.
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