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Itís amazing how much "Triathlon Camps" cost these days Ö some upward of $5000 not including food & rooms. March 12-15 TrainingBible will be hosting a training camp for triathletes and cyclists in Tucson, Arizona and the cost Ö youíll want to sit down for this Ö just $100 for athlete clients, $300 for non clients (Does not include housing or meals though we have lined up some sweet discounts).

This is a heck of a deal and would give you a nice escape from the ice and snow to get some miles in. Many or our coaches including Joe Friel will join me there to assist you with your training and growth as an athlete working over the 3 days on each sport, doing some training as well as teaching. This will include swimming, biking and running. And did I mention Tucson is a great place to train.

If you are interested in attending or simply have questions you can contact me at

Hope to see you there!
Coach Jeff
Jeff Vicario
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