Ok, here's my problem.

I have changed 3 times already by wearlink battery which is a CR2025 and I have 4 other batteries in stock because I ordered 5 of them on eBay for 3.50$ instead of 3.50$+tx instore.

Now it happens that my Polar watch itself is showing the little indicator of low battery. So I've checked on Internet to see what's the model and POLAR DOESN'T GIVE IT OR DOESN'T WANT TO GIVE IT! They sent back an e-mail to me saying they wouldn't give me the model because they don't want their customer to open and damage the waterproof seals and cause any problems to the waterproof guarantee. However, I don't do triathlons. I do duathlons and bike races so I don't give a ****load of f&$k about their 32.95$ they are charging me to change a 0.50$ battery.


I was satisfied by Polar before this story happens. Now I'm one of those unsatisfied customer. I paid 280 damn bucks for that watch and they charge 32.95$ for a battery replacement? Come on. Polar Canada are being really picky when it comes to after sell service and customer service.

My big enquiry here: What type of battery is there in a Polar RS200 watch?

i'd guess CR2025 or CR2032 but I don't want to open it just to check what's the model and close it and order some batteries online. i'd need to order them first this way I have only 1 chance to break that godblessed seal instead of 2 chances of breaking that godly holy sacred protective vs corrosive-acid-dangerous water.