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    Custom Ti Triathlon Frame

    I have been looking at buying a triathlon frame from Pride Cycles, but I cannot find anyone who actually has one of their bikes. Before I get too serious about buying one, I was wondering if anyone had any information about their frames.

    Here is a link to their triathlon frame web page:

    When I spoke to the owner, he made it sound as if all of their triathlon frames have dual junction seat stays (which I haven't seen before). He stated that it improves lateral stiffness, but I would like more opinions.

    Here is a link to what their road frames look like (including pictures of their dual junction seat stay system):

    Does anyone have any opinions about these frames and the viability of racing of one?

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    My question is why are you interested in this company? Their pictures of road frames isn't impressive - the seat is the same height as the bars and is tilted down (obviously someone who doesn't race seriously).
    You're just trying to start an argument to show how smart you are.

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