I recently bought a parkpre image tt of off ebay at great price. I love the frame but it has a really weird seatpost clamp mechanism and the seller didnt include all of the parts. Basically the seatpost gets clamped by a metal wedge which goes inside the seatpost and get pressed against the post by bolts which go on the outside of the seatpost.

I got in touch with park pre and they said they would send it to me. They said it would cost 20 which I thought was steep for a little piece of aluminum but I needed the part so I said ok and they ended up shipping it before I even paid. Turns out however they sent me the wrong part, some plastic piece which goes above the seat tube and keeps an aero design around a normal seatpost.

I really want to get this part and I was wondering if anyone:

A) Has ever owned an image tt and has a spare one of these aluminum pieces.
B) Knows any other source for this part
c) Knows of any bikes with comparable mechanism which I could look to for parts.

I'm gonna stay in touch with park pre but It seems liek it might be easier if i could find one outside of them so any help would be greatly appreciated

edit: I'm pretty sure I understand the mechanism but I have never seen the piece im looking for so if i am misunderstanding how this is working please let me know.