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    steel Lemond Buenos Aires vs. Aegis Trident Carbon Fiber TT - should I switch?

    I've got a 2003 Lemond Buenos Aires set up w/ aero bars for tri. I like it, but I'm looking at an Aegis Trident TT bike on craigslist ( The guy is listing the Aegis for $900 and it comes with a set of racing wheels (HED Carbon Fiber 650c sew-ups, Nimble Hubs) and a training set (Mavic 650c clinchers with Dura Ace hubs).

    My dilemma is money. I don't really have much extra. I would have to sell my bike and get the Aegis for about the same. He's willing to knock a couple hundred dollars off if I don't take the racing wheel set.

    So here's my question to you experts: Assuming the bike fits, should I go for it? I only race tri's and duathlons - no road races.

    My other dilemma - I'm leaving the country for 3 weeks in a few days, so I probably wouldn't have time to sell my bike; - do you think I could get $700 out of my Lemond? (this set-up plus profile design aero bars:


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    Personally I'd continue riding what you have. The Aegis is lot of money for a 650c bike running 8 speed shimano...

    I'd look for an Alloy Cervello P3 with 700c wheels if you want to upgrade to a faster bike for little dollars.

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