Hey all.

I am putting on a photo contest that is free to enter to anyone using Pro-Lite items. I thought it might be fun to toss it out there in some of the more active forums so everyone gets a chance.

You can enter up to 3 pictures by sending them to promotions@pro-lite.net and a 4th bonus entry is allowed if it is Triathlon themed.

I'm not selling anything, just inviting people to have a chance to enter.

First prize is a frame with aero seatpost with a value of more than $600 USD.
Second prize is a wheelset with a value of nearly $400 USD
Third prize is a handlebar + Triathlon extenders with a value of over $100 USD.

There's also going to be a random draw for some prize packs for those who don't win on photographic merit.

Please come check out the details here.

Best of luck to you all!

PS. This is a repost for those who have a specific interest in Triathlon since the theme of the contest and prizes are Triathlon oriented.