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    How much do you drink on sprint tri?

    Hello all.

    Finally completed my first sprint tri and had a great time. I have a cycling and swimming background and did pretty well, finishing in the top 10% of a small local one.

    With that in mind, and knowing that I want to be competitive at least within my age group, I was wondering how much people drink or even eat during a sprint distance race. I noticed while watching the Coca cola events on TV that some of them actually have two large water bottles on their bikes and I even see them eating gel.

    During my training I never even drank anything unless the workout was over an hour. I found that when I did an entire brick of the swim,bike,run at the race distance during training, that all I felt like I needed was my little gel bottle filled with water.

    I thought mabey I was cheating myself by not taking in more water and even a sports drink. So during the race I used two gel bottles-one with water, and the other with Propel. When I drank the Propel I couldn't even finish the whole thing and it was a total gut-bomb. I thought I was going to puke on the run even 30 min. later.

    Granted, I'm only just starting out and my body has to get used to digesting food while working, and Propel may not have been the best thing to drink, but I don't see how I could possibly need, let alone finish, the levels of stuff I see the competitive age groupers and elites take in.

    Any thoughts?


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    Sprints are done at a pretty high effort. I would take a gel right before the start and a small water bottle on the bike. The run may have some water as well.

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