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    Asking a tri question for a relative

    I have a relative that runs marathons regularly and has started swimming in preparation for a triathlon. He is thinking that the biking portion can't be that difficult.

    Is he underestimating the important of cycling? Would you say he needs one of the books mentioned in the threads on here?

    I was also curious...who enters the triathlon arena more...people who are primarily runners or those who are primarily cyclists? I've always been curious about this ratio.
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    In my limited experience (local events, sprint distance), the tri crowd is a mixed bag of bikers, runners, and swimmers. Talking to folks in line before events or at the tent eating cookies after, it's pretty clear that most people have 1 event they love, one they tolerate, and one they kind of dread. If I had to put arbitrary numbers, I'd say it's 40/40/20 with the 20 being former swimmers.

    Everyone has busy lives and everyone has to make choices about where they spend their training time. That's part of the lure of it for me, actually.

    That being said, it's maybe not smart to dismiss one leg entirely, but depending on his inherit cycling ability and what his goals are, it's entirely possible to sandbag one event and recover time in one that favors you better. But to be clear, the guys that will be on the podium won't be blowing off any segment. Just depends what his goals are.

    I speculate that the ratios change as you start talking about 70.3 and full IM distances that involve more running.
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