In 2012 I got a good deal on a close out of a brand new 2009 58 cm Fuji Aloha 1.0 frame. I was concerned that it was a bit big for my 5' 11" size, but it was too good to pass up. Built up the bike over the summer and started riding it in July. Had to put a 60 mm stem on it to get it to fit. Got it so comfortable that I sometimes had trouble staying wake for my 5 am rides!

Did my first Tri on it in Sept of that year. Rode the bike about 200 mi a week for 15 months. Then a buddy of mine said he was selling his 2011 Cervelo P2 54 cm. He was my size, and the bike rode great and fit like a glove, Got a good deal on it, so when he took possesion of his new P3, I pulled the trigger on the P2.

I then put the Fuji on ebay, and craigslist. I insisted on a local sale only, and got many out of town offers, which I declined. Got several local offers, but when I asked them their size, they were too small. I refused to sell the bike to someone that I knew it could not fit.

Finally, after a recent craigslist repost, I got an interested buyer. He was 6'1 so the bike would fit him. He came over and explained that he wanted to get into triathlon, but needed a bike. We did a quick fitting and he took it out for a spin. He couldn't believe how fast the bike was, or how much his butt hurt!

Anyway, we closed the deal, and he drove off a happy camper! We're both registered for the Miami Man Olympic event in November. I look forward to seeing him there.