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Thread: Welcome to Foo!

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    Welcome to Foo!

    Hey, y'all! Y'all know that y'all are welcome to join the hijinks on Foo, right? There's a number of us who are up at this hour, either due to insomnia (check the "Insomnia" thread) or to time zones (those wicked California folks ). Anyhoooo, drop in sometime, and Foo around with us a bit....

    A most bodacious and gracious southern VegaVixen Foo welcome to our UK friends!

    EDIT: mmkay. Why have four nice folks, evidently from UK, looked at this and not looked at Foo? Please, folks, we welcome you at the Foo forum. It's a real pleasure here on the east coast of the US to wake up and find some input that's not all from California! Get it? <serious Vega look>

    Really, Foo is how we get to know each other outside of our bikes. Give Foo a chance, wontcha?

    Okay, that was my best Vega smile. If that doesn't get it, <sigh> then I guess I must be scarin' everyone away. How depressing is that? Please come join us Foo'ers at Foo. <pleading Vega look>

    And please don't make me beg.

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