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    Dave Hinde service any experience

    I bought some ITM bar extensions form Dave Hinde. When I received them there was some bolts missing, I phoned them up and they said return the

    bars and they would replace, which annoyed me a bit because I just wanted the bolts, anyway I returned them at my cost, a few days later I got

    the same bars back still missing the fixing bolts, once again I rang up and was told without 'asking me what was missing' the bars were

    complete. The person was very rude and unhelpful. In the end I got in touch with ITM and they supplied the bolts direct to me. I will never use

    Dave Hinde again and strongly advise anyone else not to. I also reported it to consumer rights at they said they need more

    people to complain before they can investigate. So if you have had a bad experience complain.

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    hi there - bad luck with your DH problem - the interweb is your friend though - it seems that searching for "david hinde complaints" brings up a quite a few results including past ASA investigations
    shameless POWERCRANK plug
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