Cross-post from the thread in Road Cycling. Let's make this a thread where others can add pictures of other stages (I will not be able to make any more of them unfortunately).

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Yes, I braved the predictably horrific British summer again, wrestled the crowds for the best photo spots (made easier by aforementioned weather) and have come back with (some) spoils, this time of Stage 1 of the Tour of Britain held on the Embankment in London.

Pics are here:

What a day it was, too. There was a real buzz about the event and the crowd's support for the riders was suitably emphatic. One poor guy from the Garmin Chipotle team got a puncture after roughly 40 yards of racing (that's London roads for you) and there were a couple more during the day, but otherwise the racing was fast, closely contested and well worth the 20 minute tube ride it took me to get there ready for the action to begin.

I've tried to get as many shots of famous landmarks as possible, though I concede that this would not be obvious from the pictures I have posted. This was mainly due to the marshalling of the crowds (which on the whole was excellent) away from certain points on the route and causing congestion in other parts.

Anyway, I hope you guys like them. I got about 250 images and the 47 posted are just a sample of those. I might get round to uploading more if I can get enough time. Obviously if anyone wants full size versions of these, PM me. Expect 5 Mb files.

This one's for BF! Enjoy.