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    Another Which bike thread?

    Hey guys,

    What can i say, im new to the forums and new to biking. I used to cycle everywhere when i was younger on a mountain bike but then it got wrecked and i never got another one.

    Now im looking for a hybrid bike. And since in from northern ireland i thought i would ask in the UK forums!

    i really only now realise how much bikes have evolved! Some of them cost more than a car!!!!!!!!

    Ill be using it for normal commuting as well as for my uni which is very grassy with the odd hill.

    My budget is 300- 400. I'll be buying it after xmas. Prob mid January so would like to get an idea of what im looking for and i know there are guys here who know alot about bikes!

    So if you guys could give me maybe 3 or 4 to look at. The best i can get for my money i guess.

    I should also say, im 6ft 5 so the bike would need to be biggish

    Any info you guys could provide would be really appreciated.

    Im gonna flick through these forums some more and read up. its all over my head. But i have the money now and want to get the best i can get for the money i have now.

    Thanks again

    Mark Devlin

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    Welcome to the Forums, Mark.

    Any suggestions, please post them in the duplicate thread in Commuting.

    Which Hybrid Bike (uk)

    I'm closing this one.

    --Juha, a Forum Mod
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