Hello everyone.
I've got no excuses for being off the road for so long but for some reason i'm desperate to get back on the bike. Do I get a new one or do I tart up the one that has been hanging in the garage for 15 years? A trip to Evans in Nottingham and the lad says "Old bikes can be pretty cool," so that makes me investigate... 2 minutes on the net and it gets better... tails of 'Death Forks' I kid you not! What I had dismissed as just my old bike turns out to be a Viscount Aerospace Pro. All that are missing are the toe clips I removed in 1992 and the original tyres my mate replaced with some dodgy ones 15 years back when he was training for his first triathalon. Oh and the decals are flaky.The problem now is that I will never get around to restoring it to its best and I don't know who to trust with the job.
Can anyone around my neck of the woods help?
Here's hoping.