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    clothing advice now spring has sprung

    as a born again cyclist, who this year endured their first winter commute on two wheels since around 1990, I'm a bit out of touch we regards to the most cost-effective and practical cycle clothing.

    Now it's getting a bit warmer and a bit lighter I think it's time to adjust the wardrobe ( currently a wicking t-shirt, crane bike/aldi cycle jacket and hi-vis Ronhill 'anorak').

    I think what I need to stay a bit cooler in the spring is a tee and a cycle jacket - but I want to retain the hi-vis element and, because I live and work in Manchester, I ideally need something that's at least 'shower-proof' if not waterproof. With regard to getting a light hi-vis tunics I do already have one but really want as simple a wardrobe as possible.

    Checked out Evans today and there were a number of Altura yellow nightvision jackets for about 45 but which didn't offer any waterproofing and then of course there's the Goretex and others for 100+

    If anyone can recommend a good jacket that fits the bill - or suggest an alternative layering system for milder (but still wet and windy conditons) that retains good visability then I'd appreciate your response.

    I'm also about to tackle my first ever bike restoration project with an old five speed road bike that has got rusted up in a shed - so I might be asking for advice on that as well soon seeing as I'm not in the least bit mechanically minded.

    Oh, and does anyone know when Aldi might be likely to get the Crane gear in again this year?

    Thanks in advance

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    1. Stay away from Evans Cycles

    2. Hi-viz stuff (especially the vented/mesh type) is usually cheapest on-line and then at hardware merchants. Also, regarding wrapping up, the summer weather, at least in London, changes so rapidly that full waterproofs/heavy duty gear is seldom necessary. My preferred summer gear is bib shorts and wicking t-shirt with anything I don't want wet in a plastic bag in either the saddle bag or back pack.

    3. Stay away from Evans Cycles

    4. No idea about the Lidl bike stuff. Have you asked on some of the UK forums (e.g., ctc forum, bikeradar forum, cyclechat, etc.,)?

    5. Stay away from Evans Cycles
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