Hi sorry for what is no doubt a massively repeated question but cant seem to find an answer relevant for me
So I am a thin, not very muscular (although getting stronger ) 5.8 women looking for touring bike. Will be doing mostly Europe around 4 weeks a time approx 50- 60miles a day not having to carry camping gear at the moment but possibly in future so donít want to rule it out completely. Basically will be carrying absolute minimum in the way of touring stuff. Water , couple changes of clothes map etc.
So looking for bike suggestions- read loads about this and everyone seems to suggest buying this bike or that one and changing components .. However without wanting to be too crap this is totally outside of my range of experience ! I just want to get on a bike and ride it with out stressing too much about cranks derailleurís chains etc hopefully one day I will be able to understand how to change all this stuff but at moment just want bike with wide range gears to get me up hills ( super fit / strong cycling partner to keep up with) light as possible , trouble free so nothing breaking snapping etc in middle of country. Under a £1000. Saw a trek 520 and cannondale T800 but cant find them on sale anymore so thinking they are not produced anymore but thatís the kind of thing I like the look of
Any help really really appreciated !